Happy New Year

Happy New year to me !!!…my new year resolution for 2007 is that I shall blog more..Let’s see whether I break it or keep it…:D


Happy Diwali

Festival of lights is just around the corner & I can already feel the crackers in my head (very elated!)
Diwali has always been very close to my heart..I like the light being all over the place…the diyas, lanterns, crackers ‘n loads of  mithais (yummmy!)
So here’s wishing you all a Happy ‘n Prosperous Diwali (with less noise ‘n smoke please!)
Have loads of fun!

yearn to earn ?

Wanna earn money while you blog ?
I think I heard YESSS!!
…A dumblittleman (don’t go by the title) has consolidated all the source of minting money while you post all your boring posts for people to read & suffer, I don’t need ’em bcos I ain’t boring you…and even if I am (by any chance) then mission accomplished ‘n God bless ya!
there are more than 40 resources which would help you in giving your posts its due credit & he claims to add –

 “Things you can use to legitimately make money online”

so go on & get richer ($$$) legitimately…after all you need something to feed your dumbwitted head…

India…talented but not skilled

We Indians tend to boast (rightfully!) about our infinitesimal source of intellectual talents in the world, but somehow I was shocked to know that Google Inc. is finding difficulties in recruiting skilled personnels for their projects…hmm…well, to some extent I do agree to this, we are a huge talented (diversed) lot of capable populace but unfortunately w/o apt skills set to perform & excel in our domains, reasons for this being –
no proper exposure to latest technology,
no steady infrastructure,
no distinct road map,
selfish attitude,
no proper government aid, most of the educational ‘n technological funds end up in politicans’ deep (real deeeep) pockets (dirty politics!)
its sad, in spite being the 2nd highest populated country (1.1 billion and still counting…) literacy rate of ~60% of we are still lagging behind even with our Asian counterparts, leave alone the world.

Sometimes you wonder how long it will take to see our motherland to be one of the best in world by all terms (except population, pollution ‘n corruption…paradoxically we already are!)

Hopefully my grandchildren will be born in a great ‘n advanced country called India & I’ll be narrating them stories of the efforts put in by us in making it happen…
what say ?

Sue u Apple

Now this is scary !!
I’m not sure if this is true, but there are stories on the net that Apple has bought GO 92.5 FM (the only local station on radio arena where you get decent stuff for your ears !), the reason being they wanted to cut down english songs being streamed to the localites so that they can be deprived of quality stuff & shell out money to buy iPODs (innovative !?…not at all…sue you Apple !)
what’s even worse is that this ‘pioneering’ idea seems to have worked for Apple, sale of iPODs have actually increased…I had immense respect for Apple’s strategy when it came to marketing their products, but with this gesture all respect has gone down the gutters ‘n guess what Mumbai gutters are really filthy !!

so anyone of the unlucky Mumbai Morons out there who just’ve spent money to buy Apple’s ‘cult gizmo’ because u cudn’t find high quality music of your choice…u know whom to blame !

Flickr Enhancement tools

For all you flickr fanatics out there – I’ve consolidated
some of the best photo enhancing tools available on the net…yea for free!!!
(Everyone loves this magic word)

Online editing tools:
Enhance your uploaded flickr photos by editing, cropping,
sharpening, color correction and more (you can even replace it with the new
edited one if you have a pro account)
Preloadr – Online Photo editor
PXN8 – Online Photo editor
FlickrInspector – get information of any flickr user on their tags, photo sets, favs & groups

More tools:
Flick photo search Draw sketches and get similar photos on flickr (worth
trying!) –
Tag browser – Browse through all your contacts tags
Flickr Toys – Badgemaker, Slideshow, Profile generator…all here
Flick Leechsearch all flickr contacts & their pics
Flickr Graph – get a graphical presentation of the pics

Backup flickr photosBackup all your fav pics

I would suggest to use firefox and get delighted with a brand
new experience…bcos firefox + flickr rocks !!! go to
userscripts portal and download thousands of scripts (you’ll
need Greasemonkey to be installed on firefox)
try all the above links and lemme know how you feel…

P.S: I intend to share valuable info to our community expecting
nothing in return so please don’t send me flowers, cheques or cash !!! 😉
a simple thanks would suffice !

what a wonderful day…

It’s been a wonderful day, finally sun shines on Bombay after incessant
rains slashing continuously for a week (I don’t like rains as such…especially
when I’m out)
I love autumn a lot, it gives a crisp feeling to see
greenery (not much in Bombay
though!) all around you and the sun gallantly shining on you….aaah.. these are
the days when you feel like taking a break and visiting mountain peaks or a
secluded beach with your friend(s) & have fun…tht too loads of it.
Dussera & Diwali is just round the corner and I’m all
excited for it, maybe have a break (if fate favours) and go down south to Ooty
or the good ‘ol Kerala.
Interestingly in spite being a mallu I’m yet to see more than half of ‘God’s own land’…sad!

Kerala is really unique…that is the place where u get closer
to nature & nearer to God through his creations.
The beaches, trees, birds, people, rivers, paddy lands…I can
go on like this…its truly a paradise & if you are a keen photographer &
an avid nature lover then nothing like it…


..till then I’ll continue what I do best…dream !!!


Adieu Schumi

Finally the legend retires..
Ferrari won’t be the same again w/o Schumi and so won’t F1,
seven time world champion retires after the Monza circuit
and that too winning in style, there have been lots of speculations on his
retirement but it was sad to hear it from the ‘horse’s mouth’. There was lot of
pain & despair in his voice when he announced his departure, every word was
followed with a sigh, as if deep down he wasn’t willing to quit, he wanted to
say to the world that he still has the adrenalin rush & can beat the best
teams no matter what !

No wonder Schumacher is a legend and can be taken in the
same breath of Fangio, Mansell & Senna , apart from his track records, he
was also known for his aggressiveness on the circuit & could maneuver effortlessly any given
season or track. He has a matching personality to match on he is suave, smart, super
cool & one of the richest sportsman in the world. So now Kimi will be
joining Ferrari replacing Michael (hope he continues the legacy carried by
Schumi). I’m not sure whether I’ll be following F1 closely as I do now, but definitely
want the Ferrari to continue what they do best…WIN !

Time Management

so much to do, so much to see & so much to feel…be in
terms of music, photography, adventure, nature, meeting people,
investments…there’s an entire world that need to be explored but
unfortunately short of time..
how I wish I could buy some ‘n readin those ‘time
management’ books just don’t help !
I’m implementing my own way of time management technique
with scheduling & prioritizing my activities & tasks.
Music is something where I’m always hooked to, right from ghazals
to metal, its more like a revitalizing pill for me..planning to lay my fingers
on the guitar…soon & seriously (my childhood dream)
capturing pictures has always been my fav hobby, just been a
casual amateur but seems the time has come that I look upon much more seriously
adventure – had a 3-days vacation to Mahabaleshwar with
friends, planning to go to Ooty or Kerala by Diwali
all my friends are really annoyed of being aloof (I’m also
being called as ‘ET’…bad! ), would be meeting them all soon enough
I’ve started investing in Mutual Funds (been thinking for a
long time) but need to diversify my investments…so its still pending

hope the above works as planned..

Bikers’ day out

plans…plans..plans…thts what’s been happening for a long time, but finally we just made it, six old buddies [Rexy (doood), Petes (the elephant), Saj (laugh machine), Vivs (nomad), Jinga (the moron) & me (no comments)] finally met after a year to relive our old moments in the good ol’ way…

We were now ‘hard working’ ppl realizing the hardships the hard way!

So a Saturday morning got a call in the morning from Petes “hey what’s your plans for today ?””nothin !” was my reply”gr8, let’s hit the road…I’ll get Saj & Rexy..u manage the others”…”wokay” I said.

So met @ 1500 hrs @ Saj’s den where Rexy was already in deep slumber (from the last night’s ‘hard work’) Vivs & Petes joined in soon & we headed straight to Jinga’s office (where he is supposed to be working..but never did so far) We picked him from Vile Parle & took the highway towards Bandra Reclamation (BR) with cool breeze flowing & the gentle rain drops driving us to ecstasy…Pure Exhilaration!!!

BR is unique in its own way, more like the Marine drive of suburbs, we sat there for half an hour discussing about world peace and our contributions towards it (you’ll be zany enough to believe that).

From BR we headed to IMAX theater to watch ‘Golmaal’ (hey…we had no options and secondly our lives have been through series of ‘golmaals’) the movie was ok, we hardly watched it, most of the time we were troubling others by making strange voices & stranger comments, some of us also watched half of the movie with their helmets on.


After the movie we headed to Rexy’s place for the final ritual….dinner!!!

Rexy’s place has been the adda for all our gatherings, the place has witnessed all the pranks, funs & parties…roof & the walls are still intact (pun intended)

We ordered Chicken lollipops, biryanis & Chinese rice from a nearby restaurant (one of the best in cuisines in our locality)

Finally some stayed there for the rest of the night & I headed home for a good night’s sleep

..Aaaah !!! a day well spent.








my deskboard


here’s a message to all the hard working ppl around who work hard but not smart enough…these are just paper cuttings from various magazines to spread one message yet in a unique way.

Its an amalgamation of various thoughts for evey ppl to do what you enjoy or enjoy what you do !


Google it…

Its official now, Merriam-Webster
has added the term “google” to the latest version of its Collegiate
Dictionary…we all been using google to search from various sites, music, photos,
terms, news, even ego search..

Google has a come a real long way, famous for its
simplicity, extensive database with lightning speed results…I’ve been a google
addict all my life & have been googling (I can use it, as its official now)
for almost anything to everything.

Nothing beats Google when it comes to search engine not even
yahoo, msn or askjeeves.


History Trivia
-Google was started by two Stanford
University nerds Sergey
Brin & Larry Page who just wanted the vast information on internet accessible by everyone, both
were highly intellectual who came from different perspectives & with
divergent viewpoints but with a unique goal. They had the idea but now they
wanted a buyer who would buy it, first they approached Yahoo! founder David
Filo, he agreed that the technology was great and advised them to start their
own search engine company. They were in desperate need of some pocket money to
pay their credit bills & decided to share their technology to Andy
Bechtolsheim (founder of Sun Microsystems) he analyzed the potential of the
project & agreed to buy it and thats when he made a cheque of $100,000 in
the name of Google Inc, The name “Google” originated from a
misspelling of “googol, “which refers to 10^100 [a 1 followed by
one-hundred zeros]..then as we all know history was created.

Now Google Inc is worth around $8 billion and with more than 7000 employees. It has
come out of the search engine genre and exploring new paradigms with numerable services

Here are few tips on how to use google in an effective way –



…truly Google has come a real long way & would reach
out to millions more.

So wanna google ?

All European World Cup


the team I wanted to win the world cup

the hardworking Tevez not getting an opportunity, Mesi not
being included, Maxi not getting his target set. I prayed to not let the game
go to the penalty shoot out where Argentina just don’t have the luck and
unfortunately thts what happened history repeating itself & Argentina going
down to hosts 2-4 in PSO.


England lost

the team I thought would give others a tough run

Rooney gets a red card on a controversial mix up, Beckham
opting out due to injury, Gerrad & Lampard failing miserably to perform
& Portugal in spite having an advantage of playing against 10 players
couldn’t materialize & finally the game going to penalty shoot out where
they beat England 3-1.


Brazil lost

the team I expected to win the world cup

Zidane and team where in the game right from the word go,
the aggression & team spirit were visible in the field, Zizu showing all
his talent and the ability os what he can do with the ball, the dodge, the
pass, the dribble, the superb Henry goal, everything just seem perfect for the
last WC’s blunders.

In spite of having the best talents as Ronaldinho, Carlos, Kaka
where no one could land the ball in the nets even Ronaldo just couldn’t create
the same magic as last WC and regrettably they were thrown out by a better
skilled team.

I’m flabbergasted by the performance of the ‘star’ players where
they just did not give their best or more aptly put the ‘Hand of God’ was not
on their side, to conclude nothing is much left to be watched in the WC’06 now
as we have all European nations Italy, Germany, Portugal & France contending
for the elite cup, it seems more like Euro Cup…sad…bad!!


but on the other side of the sports there were some good
news –

winning in Windies after 25 years; way to go skipper!!!, you truly deserved to
be the wall of the series..

Schumi winning yet again in Indianapolis and closing the difference
between Alonso..

..atleast the sun’s shining bright in some part of the world
sport…meanwhile its pouring heavily in Mumbai.

Da Bombay Mix

Da Bombay Mix,
As it is said a picture speaks a thousand languages, likewise the true essence of life is created when you mix ‘n match every instance of it..thts what is done here, captured the great & defining spirit of Bombay into one.

truly Bombay rocks !!!

Web Watch

a new trend of web 2.0 is taking everyone on a stride, its an exciting experience all together,I’ve listed some of the sites I frequently visit..read & bookmark…

the best homepage ever defined, where you can add all your fav feeds,posts,photos,news,todos,calendars…almost everything here’s my page published..()

dig all the latest tech news, digg.com is the best technical feeds from ppl all over the world even it is published on the news sites/papers

the best digital photo publishing site,upload & share all the photos captued and have your friends comment on them, here’s mine >http://flickr.com/photos/selvin

lifehacker, techcrunch
another technical blog with all the latest updates on sites,technology & softwares

its an operating system in itself with all the features – files,IM,calendar,todo & the best part – it has a Mac look ‘n feel

watch all the funny videos uploaded, a good site to kill boredom

google calendar
get yourself organized with all your todo’s,meetings,b’days & anniversaries which can be viewed from just ’bout anywhere, did I mention you can share it too…

there’s more to come…keep tracking this space
been a hard core firefox fanatic for the past one year,would publish all my fav themes & extensions next.

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