Firefox rules

“Web browsers – they’re the gateway to the internet for us, the little rectangular box through which we view our favourite websites. Most of us use a web browser called Internet Explorer, but it’s old and familiar and has a reputation for letting nasty web infections through to your computer.

Internet Explorer’s main adversary is Firefox, a respectable browser which Kiwi uber-geek Ben Goodger had a hand in developing. That alone should lead you to give Firefox a go.

It has some neat things that Firefox has, like tabbed browsing, which lets you open several webpages without filling your desktop with window panes.

An added extra is a security bar which allows you to tweak your security settings without having to use pull-down menus.

But I’ll be sticking with Firefox for the time being. The web browser war will heat up when Microsoft releases its new browser later this year. The question is whether it will be good enough to lure back the hordes defecting to Firefox and Opera. “