Batman Begins

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Everyone loves superheroes irrespective of their ages,there’s one character I like the most…You can’t even call him a superhero and that’s Batman,I like him for his attire,his style his human qualities ,not so superhuman kind of powers & his Bat-Mobile…He is also referred as The Dark Knight by many people.
When I used to be a kid I always wanted to be Batman,I remember jumping around my house wearing a towel around my back and painting the favorite bat logo on my T-shirt,somewhere deep down I feel the darkness creeping in me…I always wanted to be the Dark Knight in a dark armour.
Batman is the darkest hero of the comic world, and perhaps his popularity is due to the fact that he is not a meta-human; he has no special abilities or powers other than his strength and intelligence, which have been developed through hard work and training.Part of the appeal of Batman has always been the fact he is just a man, tormented by his past and seeking to make things right.Maybe Batman’s motivation is what draws us to him – his parents’ tragic, senseless murder, and a man trying to make sure that no one in Gotham City has to undergo what he did as a child. Whatever the reason, Batman seems to be the most compelling character in comics, ever.
This time he is back with the movie Batman begins..this one I’m definitely gonna watch to meet my darker side..and finally as the saying goes…”There’s Good,there’s Evil…and then there’s Batman”.


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