This was the reaction I had when I burnt my mouth with reeaaaaaaaaaal hot water (‘n I mean it), This was due to my sheer negligence and a maniac who had filled boiling hot water next to the cooler, Yes the maniac is still on loose ’cause I’m yet to find him,once I find him,he is dead…D-E-A-D.
Was in tremendous pain for 2 hrs and had a good one week of agony and pain without opening my mouth ,survived totally on liquids varying from juices,coconut water,ice tea n lotsa cold water also learned a new language called the sign language.My family and friends were finally relieved that at last Selvin has kept his mouth shut.
Now the burns have healed,the pain is gone and I’m back at what I do best…that is eat food and people’s brain…


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  1. July 20, 2005 at 1:02 pm

    Just wanted to say hello. I found out about your blog by clicking NEXT. Well, I do hope that your mouth is cured by now, I also get my mouth burned sometimes, by hot food, but not as intense as yours.

    You also mentioned about global boredom, well, I guess that’s the real lives of the people. The lives that aren’t boring aren’t really lives at all, they’re movie scripts that we get to see in the big screen.


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