Google talks the Talk

After AOL,Yahoo and MSN,Google is launching its own IM called Google Talk…Google is continuing to expand beyond its core search-engine business into web-portal territory with its launch today of an instant messaging (IM) service with voice communications capabilities Google Talk is in beta (or test) mode and requires that its users have an account with Google’s free webmail service Gmail, according to Google, because Google Talk and Gmail are tightly integrated.
You can download the Beta version from

Since it is still in the Beta stage the interface is cumbersome but I believe the VoIP service will be a service which will give Google talk an upper edge…but I still prefer sticking to Yahoo IM.



If I would’nt have been an engineer than I would love to be –
a pilot and fly like a free bird ,
a wildlife photographer which can get me more closer to nature and animals,
an environmentalist who can make this world much more better place to dwell,
an astronaut who can touch and feel those infinite stars up in the sky,
a rock star where I compose my kind of music and let people listen to it and suffer,
an artist and allow my feelings to flow on a canvas,

I just want to do just ’bout everything…I sit here and think ’bout this and realise hey!! I can still do everyhthing and be all of the above.(i.e, if I live long enough)

Passing Thought

Never forget your best friend and your worst enemy.