Still Life

So finally I got all the pics uploaded to the web…(after a long wait)
you can find the “Still Life ver 1 & 2″ (as I would love to call it)
..will update more
keep chking.


Su-Doku revisited

“Selvin cracks Su-Doku challenge in record 06 mins 23 secs” – The Times Of India 23 Sep’05

ha..ha..aha…just kidding
but its true that I finally cracked it…(but no one published )
its simple when you have lotsa patience and time
unfortunatly i didn’t have both but it took me couple of puzzles to understand the actual game…
so lets see what comes nxt….
Big Bro r u listening..???

Biker build off

I’ve been closely watching the biker build off show lately which comes on the Discovery Travel & Living…and boy that is one show you gotta watch, the way they build bikes & that too from scratch into a new sleek,mean machine.The best part of the show is you get to see team work,sheer hard work,focus,innovation,creativity,brotherhood and above all ATTITUDE.The guys who build may not be the best ppl in town and definately not the ones you would like to take home,they are mean n spoilt brats with tatoos all over the body that you can hardly see their skins but give them a bike to build and thats when you see Great Minds at work they are even better than the best engineers and designers in the world all due credit to the spirit and passion for the bikes.I really wish to be part of this group and maybe someday I can build my bike and build dreams into reality.
(Till then I’ll continue dreaming…)


Got a new job and a new profile,started it on a Sun UltraSparc 5 with Solaris 8 planning to put Suse Linux on it,what a way to start a new life….(he..he..he).UltraSparc is more like a big rugged Harley Davidson…Big on size and Big on performance….it used to be the Big Daddy of all Sun desktops n’ gettin to lay my hands on it..


Su-Doku has taken the world by storm.After all the other countries,India gets into the league in this number crunching game,where you get 9×9 grid with some nos. placed in tandum across the grid and place all the other nos from 1 to 9 in such a way that there is no repetition,vertically and in the sub 3×3 matrix…sounds easy?…I felt the same…
My bro. used to keep boasting of cracking it in 10 mins,so I thought of laying my long lazy hands on the game and give it a shot,its not that I’m real good on numbers but puzzles always fascinated me.So there I was lyin on the bed after finishing my humungous dinner (I ate lotsa stuff..& was feelin damn hungry… :D) and as the mystery unsolved in secs I was getting thrilled,this Su-Doku is a piece of cake I thought but on the final phase something wasn’t looking right as it should have been,that’s when I realized that I goofed..and placed the right number at the wrong place.The end result went haywire and Su-Doku in return became Du-Soku…
will be back with a vengenance to crack the craze of the nation.(hopefully sooner 😉

Blogger’s Park

So after lot of thinking and suggestions from my ‘close’ friends I’ve created a group for all fellow bloggers called – Blogger’s Park
The group is formed on the pretext that all the bloggers of this whole wide world and other planets too (i.e if they exist…’cause u never know.. ;-)) can come together and share their ideas,viewpoints,suggestions and just ’bout any crap they need to discuss and share.
so if you are interested (Yes! its for free…no charges at all…) join in to …

Come, let’s be a part of this revolution.