Biker build off

I’ve been closely watching the biker build off show lately which comes on the Discovery Travel & Living…and boy that is one show you gotta watch, the way they build bikes & that too from scratch into a new sleek,mean machine.The best part of the show is you get to see team work,sheer hard work,focus,innovation,creativity,brotherhood and above all ATTITUDE.The guys who build may not be the best ppl in town and definately not the ones you would like to take home,they are mean n spoilt brats with tatoos all over the body that you can hardly see their skins but give them a bike to build and thats when you see Great Minds at work they are even better than the best engineers and designers in the world all due credit to the spirit and passion for the bikes.I really wish to be part of this group and maybe someday I can build my bike and build dreams into reality.
(Till then I’ll continue dreaming…)


1 Comment

  1. Sne said,

    September 13, 2005 at 7:42 am

    sheesh!!! i wudn’t know bout that..

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