i for iPOD

The all new iPOD,
music,photos,movies in 30GB and 60GB,
couldn’t get better….


Shoppin’ spree

An important meeting with my seniors was scheduled for 2 hours in the late afternoon and interestingly got over in half an hour (sometimes important meetings come up with decisions the easy way), that’s when I decided to shop (couldn’t think of anything better ) with my buddies and decided to go in for a shopping spree @ Phoenix House in Lower Parel ;a 5 mins walk from the office.

I’m not an avid shopper as such but very particular of certain things when I ought to buy,

so that turned out to be a typical shopping day to me,strolled around the Pantaloons store lookin’ around “stuffs” then finally stuck @ the casuals sections,liked a particular wine colored tee but seems the medium size was out of stock (due to festive seasons as they claim) then went ’bout trying atleat 5 tees but without luck, some were too short, some too gaudy and others just too dreary, thats when I decided that today is not my day and diverted my cravings @ the denim section (all through this my friends were having a blank face as to when is this gonna get over…poor fellas !!) and looked for a good pair @ the Levi’s stores then as luck would have it finally settled for a dark blue laid back straight denim (could hear the sigh of relief from my buddies…)

So after 90 mins of exhaustive shopping we moved out of Phoenix House, I settling with a pair of Levi’s, a tee and an empty pocket and my buddies with a couple of pajamas.

I headed to my “interesting” psychology lecture and they headed home…
Alls well that ends well.