Go Live !!!

checked out Live.com

At last the MS guys have come up with something fascinating

The site has a simple layout and pretty decent features

Where you can add feeds from mail, news, entertainment, fashion, sports, health, and more

You can even add your own link…

You can customize your homepage that too without logging in….damn good!!!

My verdict: simply superb

Score: 4 out of 5


selvin googled

Who is Selvin ?
& this is what I found in Googlism
read on and enjoy–

Googlism for: selvin

selvin is in good hands at goodkids
selvin is like hodges mitchell
selvin is president of the board of trustees of the watershed center for ceramic arts
selvin is this year’s guest curator
selvin is one of these rare individuals
selvin is ahead of where we thought he’d be
selvin is a developer and practitioner of collaborative analysis and design approaches
selvin is currently senior member of technical staff at bell atlantic network systems advanced technology in white plains
selvin is a small but active community
selvin is an associate in the firm’s tax
selvin is an assistant elementary school principal and a certified teacher for grades one through eight
selvin is now broadcasting through station wfbh and is doing his own announcing
selvin is a partner in the century city office
selvin is a partner
selvin is selling coconut
selvin is the mind behind http
selvin is senior member of technical staff at the network systems advanced technology division of bell atlantic corporation
selvin is orkestleider/violist in new york
selvin is interested in the arrangement of objects
selvin is chief executive officer of planetout partners
selvin is running in rural east
selvin is unwilling to confess that he has never heard of pisistratus
selvin is driving his 1969 pontiac firebird and my youngest child ryan is tossing candy to the throngs
selvin is a technology transfer agent
selvin is a partner and patrick gunn is an associate in the firm of loeb & loeb llp in los angeles
selvin is an editorial writer for the los angeles times
selvin is a california labor historian whose book
selvin is credited on the following cds
selvin is just chillin’ in the back of the room holding his two whoppers that i forgot to buy him last time
selvin is an associate at the tax and estate planning practice of cole
selvin is a postdoctoral researcher in biophysics at uc berkeley
selvin is the mind behind adultxmodels
selvin is unafraid to lavish praise where praise is due or point out weaknesses that he
selvin is a recognized expert at developing online communities
selvin is the ceo of online partners and the gay
selvin is next to her
selvin is right
selvin is a true player
selvin is bound to
selvin is a close friend of mine
selvin is truly marvelous
selvin is a great reporter and a great writer who was on the scene and knows this story better than anybody
selvin is a times editorial writer
selvin is god

Now tell me, who are you ?? 😉

Free talktime

Now here is a great way to pass your dreary time when you are traveling in a train,bus or plane,
just talk to the person sitting next to you irrespective of his age,sex or caste…its fun
start with just ’bout anything
the advantages are huge –
first you get to know more people
it kills boredom
you get to know ‘interesting facts’ ’bout people around you
and you can share all your problems and worries with them (that’s a different story ’cause they won’t even care a damn )
but the question arises how do you break the ice..?
i.e how do you start up a conversation ?
-ask the route about the place you are heading to..(even if it is your dwelling place for the past 20 years)
-talk ’bout Abu Salem and his damsel Monica (BIG news nowadays)
-mention the traffic in B’bay is horrible (for the matter o’ fact it is)
-and add up that London is any time better (even if you have never been anywhere outside B’bay)
-talk ’bout the weather (which is pretty baffling nowadays)
-your American Cocker Spaniel fell from the 6th floor and is still doing fine (even if you haven’t seen one)
-state that you enjoyed watching Shaadi No. 1 for the 5 th time (even you have no clue who the starcast is..)
-point out that your Merc got a flat tyre and that’s the reason you use public transport (even you don’t own a second hand bicyle)
-if she is of the feminine please don’t start up with a pick-up line ’cause most of them hate it and others think that u r flirting (don’t show even if you are ;-))

so go ahead share your experience and have a free talk (incoming and outgoing totally free !!!)

Make a wish

Book worm

Now I’ve been planning to read a novel for a real long time,’cause its been ages that I really laid my lazy hands on a fine book.
I’ve been complaining of shortage of time as a lame excuse & secondly I being an outdoor guy…but thats it !!!
I’m heading to Crossword tonight and bring alive the good ol’ times when I had all the time in the world (’cause I hardly used to do anything) & I used to actually read books varying from facts,fiction to fantasy;books like Ullyses,Godfather series,Straight from the Gut,Catalyst…
all remain good memories.

Boredom personified

There’s this gal in my colony,who is a real bore,aesthetically put-mentally unstable
but no offence as such,but she sometimes blows boredom into proportions and I always try my level best to avoid her,but

y’day I ran out of luck and here are some excerpts from the “small & interesting” conversation we had –
(she is doing her course in nursing from some univ in South India)

She: Hiiii Selvin (all excited)
Me: Hi (oh!! no)

She: look at you,changed a lot,put down lot of weight
Me: Yea..I’m on a diet

She: but why would you wanna go on a diet
Me: heeellloo…that was just a joke (ha..ha…ha)

She: so how was Diwali…enjoyed ?
Me: Yea,had a great time(without you,Of course!!!)

She: that too without me ?
Me: well..not much,it would have been better if u were there (Ma’am,your absence was the reason of enjoyment)

Me: how was your Diwali celebrations ?
She:it was dull,but had a great party with friends

Me: gals ?
She: ya…and guys too

Me: hmmm…so u got lucky ?
She: not really,you know these guys always keep drooling all over you
and try their level best to please you.

Me: ohh..thts ’cause they don’t know you (once they know you,they’ll run away)
She: but not my type..

Me: good (whatever!)

Me: hey listen gotcha go..
She: so soon ?

Me: I think someone is calling me…adios
She: bye,take care

She: yea…u too ‘n sweet dreams 😛
Me: good night

Well the “peppy talk” lasted for a good 20 mins and each second seemed like a million year

India blogs

The web crawling led me to india.blogstreet.com where you get to read blogs of many Indian bloggers and all the other bloggers around the world,so as all good bloggers did I too registered my blog there now after you read this I believe you would too..so here goes the link – http://india.blogstreet.com …Go mark your space

Diwali Celebrations

I always plan a lot of things to do on a holiday,but this time no plans,the only thing I had in my rotten head was SLEEP SLEEP ‘n SLEEP
but some plans go haywire ‘n this was my unfortunate day,got a call from my old buddies for a trip to Esselworld (a theme park in B’bay) and you know it is really hard to say no to your friends especially when they are all a******s.
so got up early in the morning by 8:30 (thats way to early for me on holidays)
met up with my friends at a common point, only to see them with bags on their shoulders,now why would anyone carry bags to Esselworld ??
thats when they told me that the plan was for WaterKingdom (yet another theme park in B’bay)
What ??? plans changed !!! I was standing there dumbfounded…but what the heck be it anywhere lets have fun.
so enroute we stopped at a south Indian restaurant for breakfast (Velappam and sambhar and a cutting chai),some of these restaurants are damn good and the food they serve are really exotic & mouth watering.
boarded the Borivali (slow) local from Andheri station and had the usual “guy talk” which normally revolves around gals,bikes,cars ‘n again gals (we always have a revolving discussion) and during this conversation that one of my moron friends realized that he forgot his bag in the restaurant,which had all his and others important belongings -a tee,towel ‘n undergarment. ha..ha..ha.
so again change of plans (I was really enjoyin all this )
we headed to Esselworld.
tried all the “tough & difficult” rides first and had couple of my friends puking out the filth…Good show guys !!
so I was left alone enjoying all the other rides.
Ended the trip with a karaoke session where you get to sing a song of your choice with the music on,all of us tried our best to scare away ppl and fortunately we all succeeded (atleast we are best at something)
reached home tired by 17:00 just to be greeted my colony friends (yea..I got a big friend circle) and pop came the question…
hey Selvin what’s the plan for tonight ??

P.S: Right now suffering from fever & severe head-ache