Diwali Celebrations

I always plan a lot of things to do on a holiday,but this time no plans,the only thing I had in my rotten head was SLEEP SLEEP ‘n SLEEP
but some plans go haywire ‘n this was my unfortunate day,got a call from my old buddies for a trip to Esselworld (a theme park in B’bay) and you know it is really hard to say no to your friends especially when they are all a******s.
so got up early in the morning by 8:30 (thats way to early for me on holidays)
met up with my friends at a common point, only to see them with bags on their shoulders,now why would anyone carry bags to Esselworld ??
thats when they told me that the plan was for WaterKingdom (yet another theme park in B’bay)
What ??? plans changed !!! I was standing there dumbfounded…but what the heck be it anywhere lets have fun.
so enroute we stopped at a south Indian restaurant for breakfast (Velappam and sambhar and a cutting chai),some of these restaurants are damn good and the food they serve are really exotic & mouth watering.
boarded the Borivali (slow) local from Andheri station and had the usual “guy talk” which normally revolves around gals,bikes,cars ‘n again gals (we always have a revolving discussion) and during this conversation that one of my moron friends realized that he forgot his bag in the restaurant,which had all his and others important belongings -a tee,towel ‘n undergarment. ha..ha..ha.
so again change of plans (I was really enjoyin all this )
we headed to Esselworld.
tried all the “tough & difficult” rides first and had couple of my friends puking out the filth…Good show guys !!
so I was left alone enjoying all the other rides.
Ended the trip with a karaoke session where you get to sing a song of your choice with the music on,all of us tried our best to scare away ppl and fortunately we all succeeded (atleast we are best at something)
reached home tired by 17:00 just to be greeted my colony friends (yea..I got a big friend circle) and pop came the question…
hey Selvin what’s the plan for tonight ??

P.S: Right now suffering from fever & severe head-ache



  1. girl said,

    November 5, 2005 at 2:50 am

    hi u frm mumbai….. 🙂 gud n i like ur template…. u made it?

  2. Selvin said,

    November 8, 2005 at 4:04 pm

    well…I hate to be honest,but I’ve not designed it,
    picked it from blogskins.com
    n btw keep visiting :D–>

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