Boredom personified

There’s this gal in my colony,who is a real bore,aesthetically put-mentally unstable
but no offence as such,but she sometimes blows boredom into proportions and I always try my level best to avoid her,but

y’day I ran out of luck and here are some excerpts from the “small & interesting” conversation we had –
(she is doing her course in nursing from some univ in South India)

She: Hiiii Selvin (all excited)
Me: Hi (oh!! no)

She: look at you,changed a lot,put down lot of weight
Me: Yea..I’m on a diet

She: but why would you wanna go on a diet
Me: heeellloo…that was just a joke (ha..ha…ha)

She: so how was Diwali…enjoyed ?
Me: Yea,had a great time(without you,Of course!!!)

She: that too without me ?
Me: well..not much,it would have been better if u were there (Ma’am,your absence was the reason of enjoyment)

Me: how was your Diwali celebrations ?
She:it was dull,but had a great party with friends

Me: gals ?
She: ya…and guys too

Me: hmmm…so u got lucky ?
She: not really,you know these guys always keep drooling all over you
and try their level best to please you.

Me: ohh..thts ’cause they don’t know you (once they know you,they’ll run away)
She: but not my type..

Me: good (whatever!)

Me: hey listen gotcha go..
She: so soon ?

Me: I think someone is calling me…adios
She: bye,take care

She: yea…u too ‘n sweet dreams 😛
Me: good night

Well the “peppy talk” lasted for a good 20 mins and each second seemed like a million year


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