Free talktime

Now here is a great way to pass your dreary time when you are traveling in a train,bus or plane,
just talk to the person sitting next to you irrespective of his age,sex or caste…its fun
start with just ’bout anything
the advantages are huge –
first you get to know more people
it kills boredom
you get to know ‘interesting facts’ ’bout people around you
and you can share all your problems and worries with them (that’s a different story ’cause they won’t even care a damn )
but the question arises how do you break the ice..?
i.e how do you start up a conversation ?
-ask the route about the place you are heading to..(even if it is your dwelling place for the past 20 years)
-talk ’bout Abu Salem and his damsel Monica (BIG news nowadays)
-mention the traffic in B’bay is horrible (for the matter o’ fact it is)
-and add up that London is any time better (even if you have never been anywhere outside B’bay)
-talk ’bout the weather (which is pretty baffling nowadays)
-your American Cocker Spaniel fell from the 6th floor and is still doing fine (even if you haven’t seen one)
-state that you enjoyed watching Shaadi No. 1 for the 5 th time (even you have no clue who the starcast is..)
-point out that your Merc got a flat tyre and that’s the reason you use public transport (even you don’t own a second hand bicyle)
-if she is of the feminine please don’t start up with a pick-up line ’cause most of them hate it and others think that u r flirting (don’t show even if you are ;-))

so go ahead share your experience and have a free talk (incoming and outgoing totally free !!!)


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