selvin googled

Who is Selvin ?
& this is what I found in Googlism
read on and enjoy–

Googlism for: selvin

selvin is in good hands at goodkids
selvin is like hodges mitchell
selvin is president of the board of trustees of the watershed center for ceramic arts
selvin is this year’s guest curator
selvin is one of these rare individuals
selvin is ahead of where we thought he’d be
selvin is a developer and practitioner of collaborative analysis and design approaches
selvin is currently senior member of technical staff at bell atlantic network systems advanced technology in white plains
selvin is a small but active community
selvin is an associate in the firm’s tax
selvin is an assistant elementary school principal and a certified teacher for grades one through eight
selvin is now broadcasting through station wfbh and is doing his own announcing
selvin is a partner in the century city office
selvin is a partner
selvin is selling coconut
selvin is the mind behind http
selvin is senior member of technical staff at the network systems advanced technology division of bell atlantic corporation
selvin is orkestleider/violist in new york
selvin is interested in the arrangement of objects
selvin is chief executive officer of planetout partners
selvin is running in rural east
selvin is unwilling to confess that he has never heard of pisistratus
selvin is driving his 1969 pontiac firebird and my youngest child ryan is tossing candy to the throngs
selvin is a technology transfer agent
selvin is a partner and patrick gunn is an associate in the firm of loeb & loeb llp in los angeles
selvin is an editorial writer for the los angeles times
selvin is a california labor historian whose book
selvin is credited on the following cds
selvin is just chillin’ in the back of the room holding his two whoppers that i forgot to buy him last time
selvin is an associate at the tax and estate planning practice of cole
selvin is a postdoctoral researcher in biophysics at uc berkeley
selvin is the mind behind adultxmodels
selvin is unafraid to lavish praise where praise is due or point out weaknesses that he
selvin is a recognized expert at developing online communities
selvin is the ceo of online partners and the gay
selvin is next to her
selvin is right
selvin is a true player
selvin is bound to
selvin is a close friend of mine
selvin is truly marvelous
selvin is a great reporter and a great writer who was on the scene and knows this story better than anybody
selvin is a times editorial writer
selvin is god

Now tell me, who are you ?? 😉


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