REUTERS Showcase

Pretty impresive photos of 2005 by Reuters –

REUTERS Showcase



juggling projects,assignments, studies all at the same time,
failing miserably in all,
running like a mad man from pillar to post,
going through all the known & unknown emotions,
high on exam fever,
X’mas celebrations gone for a toss,
need a break desperately,
will have a blast on New Year.
…counting my days of despair.

Quote unquote

Since many great people are known by their thoughts and quotes,I thought why not publish mine and feel “great”
so here goes some of my quotes – (believe ’em at your own risk)

I exist,hence I blog

50% of what I mean people don’t understand & the other 50% I don’t understand

I’ve got a strong sixth sense,in fact that’s all I got

Some people are born lucky & others are like me.

I was cute when I was a kid,damn nothing has changed yet

Live & let die

I was born smart and prefer being that way

Work hard, play harder

If things keep going wrong for a long time,probably you are heading the wrong direction.

– Selvin 2005 ©

Passing thought

Its easy to go downhill than uphill, but the view from the top is better.