V Day – D Day

Another Valentine’s day comes to a dull end, well it never was of any importance atleast for me..so no regrets!!!
Somehow I don’t relate to this mushy love feelings around because never been in love before, but I do feel good to see couples together, hold hand in hand and share their most precious feelings, which shows that there is someone to care ’bout.
The very thought of being in love scares the shit outta me (never knew why and never bothered to..)
maybe love is too complex and composite for me, but one day I might unknowingly walk those unexplored territory with a beautiful, sensible, sensitive gal (hopefully), because love happens and you never know (that’s what ‘love birds’ tell me)
After all I’m just a normal guy in search of a normal gorgeous, smart, sensitive, lovely, cute normal gal…(heehe)
till then I enjoy being me and love my freedom.


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