Saturday, 1100 hrs, ideal room,nasty mosquito,bugged moron…bang !!!
dead nasty mosquito, happy moron 😀


1000 hits and still going strong

Its good to see that little counter (down there) cross 1000 visits,

at least I can be assured that “someone” actually is paying a visit (God knows, if he/she is reading this space too).

Secondly I’m surrounded with so called “close friends” who dedicatedly visit but I wonder what stops them from commenting to the posts, maybe they just wanna remain anonymous, but then what the heck sometimes nothing is better than nothing.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude; damn!!! I’m just incorporated with this one.

Mark Twain once told me that if you’re looking for friends when you need them…it’s too late. (I hope not late enough…)

Meanwhile I’ll be closely monitoring that counter…