Men @ Work

We often crib & complain of the various issues & problems in our lives & fail to see the brighter & better part.These are men who work from dawn to dusk to get a decent meal for their family, tough men on even tougher work, yet with a never dying attitude..its so depressing to see a kid trying hard to catch a few winks in the scorching heat, probably with an empty stomach & an uncertain future.

hope to see a world without sadness ‘n poverty,

hope to see a world with joy ‘n glory,

hope to see a world free of misery & loneliness,

hope to see a world full of love,

…and hope to see my wishes to be true.

I don’t want to die & go to heaven, I want to live and make this world a heaven…


I’m back

back with a bang, but this time in a new image…more crap, more useless stuff 'n the same ol' me…

Mumbai Bloggers Meet

As I’d promised I did get my butt to the meet-up & being indolent enough I’m the last one to write ‘bout it, well to start the chronicle – I wanted to reach TGIF, Infiniti mall on time, but somehow my inner laziness crept out & decided to catch a few winks before the meet as I was partying real hard the previous night & somehow reached there by 1700 hrs.for a ‘grand’ entry.

Riding on towards Andheri I was contemplating on the different reactions each one would have the moment they would see me…”OMG!..not another moron in our midst”….“this guy is weirder than he looks”…

When I reached there, the place was a bit dark but with a good ambience & found a center table & 8 to 10 people seated around. As any late latif would do I preferred keeping my ‘eccentric’ thoughts to myself & left others to wonder whether I’m stupid rather than open my mouth and remove all their doubts…

I couldn’t interact with many of them were far off, some 300 cms away, others were not in my line of sight & rest not audible. The two guys I interacted with were discussing on world peace, macroeconomics, aid for the mentally deprived & how Rajnikant can defy gravity..(just kiddin’) & soon enough I was guiding and advising them on future career prospects, which I’m pretty bad & left them in an uncertain state of imbroglio, ironically they seemed to have realize it (even worse!!!)

We came out of TGIF lighter with a big hole drilled into our pockets to have the second round of discussion, this time much more interesting (that’s what everyone expected & later got disappointed…hee…hee).

Under natural lights gals looked much more gorgeous & guys more weirder (Why God, why? such a disparity on beauty) nevertheless had more fun outside & felt better (’twas easy on the pockets & for the mind)

to sum it all up I would give 4 out of 5 on the fun meter & definitely lookin’ forward for the next one….

As Gabbar says –

kab hai next meet-up, kab hai ??

more excerpts here..

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Pepper Pad

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Paper Pad

….any sellers ?

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