Da Bombay Mix

Da Bombay Mix,
As it is said a picture speaks a thousand languages, likewise the true essence of life is created when you mix ‘n match every instance of it..thts what is done here, captured the great & defining spirit of Bombay into one.

truly Bombay rocks !!!


Web Watch

a new trend of web 2.0 is taking everyone on a stride, its an exciting experience all together,I’ve listed some of the sites I frequently visit..read & bookmark…

the best homepage ever defined, where you can add all your fav feeds,posts,photos,news,todos,calendars…almost everything here’s my page published..()

dig all the latest tech news, digg.com is the best technical feeds from ppl all over the world even it is published on the news sites/papers

the best digital photo publishing site,upload & share all the photos captued and have your friends comment on them, here’s mine >http://flickr.com/photos/selvin

lifehacker, techcrunch
another technical blog with all the latest updates on sites,technology & softwares

its an operating system in itself with all the features – files,IM,calendar,todo & the best part – it has a Mac look ‘n feel

watch all the funny videos uploaded, a good site to kill boredom

google calendar
get yourself organized with all your todo’s,meetings,b’days & anniversaries which can be viewed from just ’bout anywhere, did I mention you can share it too…

there’s more to come…keep tracking this space
been a hard core firefox fanatic for the past one year,would publish all my fav themes & extensions next.