what a wonderful day…

It’s been a wonderful day, finally sun shines on Bombay after incessant
rains slashing continuously for a week (I don’t like rains as such…especially
when I’m out)
I love autumn a lot, it gives a crisp feeling to see
greenery (not much in Bombay
though!) all around you and the sun gallantly shining on you….aaah.. these are
the days when you feel like taking a break and visiting mountain peaks or a
secluded beach with your friend(s) & have fun…tht too loads of it.
Dussera & Diwali is just round the corner and I’m all
excited for it, maybe have a break (if fate favours) and go down south to Ooty
or the good ‘ol Kerala.
Interestingly in spite being a mallu I’m yet to see more than half of ‘God’s own land’…sad!

Kerala is really unique…that is the place where u get closer
to nature & nearer to God through his creations.
The beaches, trees, birds, people, rivers, paddy lands…I can
go on like this…its truly a paradise & if you are a keen photographer &
an avid nature lover then nothing like it…


..till then I’ll continue what I do best…dream !!!



Adieu Schumi

Finally the legend retires..
Ferrari won’t be the same again w/o Schumi and so won’t F1,
seven time world champion retires after the Monza circuit
and that too winning in style, there have been lots of speculations on his
retirement but it was sad to hear it from the ‘horse’s mouth’. There was lot of
pain & despair in his voice when he announced his departure, every word was
followed with a sigh, as if deep down he wasn’t willing to quit, he wanted to
say to the world that he still has the adrenalin rush & can beat the best
teams no matter what !

No wonder Schumacher is a legend and can be taken in the
same breath of Fangio, Mansell & Senna , apart from his track records, he
was also known for his aggressiveness on the circuit & could maneuver effortlessly any given
season or track. He has a matching personality to match on he is suave, smart, super
cool & one of the richest sportsman in the world. So now Kimi will be
joining Ferrari replacing Michael (hope he continues the legacy carried by
Schumi). I’m not sure whether I’ll be following F1 closely as I do now, but definitely
want the Ferrari to continue what they do best…WIN !

Time Management

so much to do, so much to see & so much to feel…be in
terms of music, photography, adventure, nature, meeting people,
investments…there’s an entire world that need to be explored but
unfortunately short of time..
how I wish I could buy some ‘n readin those ‘time
management’ books just don’t help !
I’m implementing my own way of time management technique
with scheduling & prioritizing my activities & tasks.
Music is something where I’m always hooked to, right from ghazals
to metal, its more like a revitalizing pill for me..planning to lay my fingers
on the guitar…soon & seriously (my childhood dream)
capturing pictures has always been my fav hobby, just been a
casual amateur but seems the time has come that I look upon much more seriously
adventure – had a 3-days vacation to Mahabaleshwar with
friends, planning to go to Ooty or Kerala by Diwali
all my friends are really annoyed of being aloof (I’m also
being called as ‘ET’…bad! ), would be meeting them all soon enough
I’ve started investing in Mutual Funds (been thinking for a
long time) but need to diversify my investments…so its still pending

hope the above works as planned..