Time Management

so much to do, so much to see & so much to feel…be in
terms of music, photography, adventure, nature, meeting people,
investments…there’s an entire world that need to be explored but
unfortunately short of time..
how I wish I could buy some ‘n readin those ‘time
management’ books just don’t help !
I’m implementing my own way of time management technique
with scheduling & prioritizing my activities & tasks.
Music is something where I’m always hooked to, right from ghazals
to metal, its more like a revitalizing pill for me..planning to lay my fingers
on the guitar…soon & seriously (my childhood dream)
capturing pictures has always been my fav hobby, just been a
casual amateur but seems the time has come that I look upon much more seriously
adventure – had a 3-days vacation to Mahabaleshwar with
friends, planning to go to Ooty or Kerala by Diwali
all my friends are really annoyed of being aloof (I’m also
being called as ‘ET’…bad! ), would be meeting them all soon enough
I’ve started investing in Mutual Funds (been thinking for a
long time) but need to diversify my investments…so its still pending

hope the above works as planned..


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