what a wonderful day…

It’s been a wonderful day, finally sun shines on Bombay after incessant
rains slashing continuously for a week (I don’t like rains as such…especially
when I’m out)
I love autumn a lot, it gives a crisp feeling to see
greenery (not much in Bombay
though!) all around you and the sun gallantly shining on you….aaah.. these are
the days when you feel like taking a break and visiting mountain peaks or a
secluded beach with your friend(s) & have fun…tht too loads of it.
Dussera & Diwali is just round the corner and I’m all
excited for it, maybe have a break (if fate favours) and go down south to Ooty
or the good ‘ol Kerala.
Interestingly in spite being a mallu I’m yet to see more than half of ‘God’s own land’…sad!

Kerala is really unique…that is the place where u get closer
to nature & nearer to God through his creations.
The beaches, trees, birds, people, rivers, paddy lands…I can
go on like this…its truly a paradise & if you are a keen photographer &
an avid nature lover then nothing like it…


..till then I’ll continue what I do best…dream !!!



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