Happy Diwali

Festival of lights is just around the corner & I can already feel the crackers in my head (very elated!)
Diwali has always been very close to my heart..I like the light being all over the place…the diyas, lanterns, crackers ‘n loads of  mithais (yummmy!)
So here’s wishing you all a Happy ‘n Prosperous Diwali (with less noise ‘n smoke please!)
Have loads of fun!


yearn to earn ?

Wanna earn money while you blog ?
I think I heard YESSS!!
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there are more than 40 resources which would help you in giving your posts its due credit & he claims to add –

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so go on & get richer ($$$) legitimately…after all you need something to feed your dumbwitted head…

India…talented but not skilled

We Indians tend to boast (rightfully!) about our infinitesimal source of intellectual talents in the world, but somehow I was shocked to know that Google Inc. is finding difficulties in recruiting skilled personnels for their projects…hmm…well, to some extent I do agree to this, we are a huge talented (diversed) lot of capable populace but unfortunately w/o apt skills set to perform & excel in our domains, reasons for this being –
no proper exposure to latest technology,
no steady infrastructure,
no distinct road map,
selfish attitude,
no proper government aid, most of the educational ‘n technological funds end up in politicans’ deep (real deeeep) pockets (dirty politics!)
its sad, in spite being the 2nd highest populated country (1.1 billion and still counting…) literacy rate of ~60% of we are still lagging behind even with our Asian counterparts, leave alone the world.

Sometimes you wonder how long it will take to see our motherland to be one of the best in world by all terms (except population, pollution ‘n corruption…paradoxically we already are!)

Hopefully my grandchildren will be born in a great ‘n advanced country called India & I’ll be narrating them stories of the efforts put in by us in making it happen…
what say ?

Sue u Apple

Now this is scary !!
I’m not sure if this is true, but there are stories on the net that Apple has bought GO 92.5 FM (the only local station on radio arena where you get decent stuff for your ears !), the reason being they wanted to cut down english songs being streamed to the localites so that they can be deprived of quality stuff & shell out money to buy iPODs (innovative !?…not at all…sue you Apple !)
what’s even worse is that this ‘pioneering’ idea seems to have worked for Apple, sale of iPODs have actually increased…I had immense respect for Apple’s strategy when it came to marketing their products, but with this gesture all respect has gone down the gutters ‘n guess what Mumbai gutters are really filthy !!

so anyone of the unlucky Mumbai Morons out there who just’ve spent money to buy Apple’s ‘cult gizmo’ because u cudn’t find high quality music of your choice…u know whom to blame !

Flickr Enhancement tools

For all you flickr fanatics out there – I’ve consolidated
some of the best photo enhancing tools available on the net…yea for free!!!
(Everyone loves this magic word)

Online editing tools:
Enhance your uploaded flickr photos by editing, cropping,
sharpening, color correction and more (you can even replace it with the new
edited one if you have a pro account)
Preloadr – Online Photo editor
PXN8 – Online Photo editor
FlickrInspector – get information of any flickr user on their tags, photo sets, favs & groups

More tools:
Flick photo search Draw sketches and get similar photos on flickr (worth
trying!) –
Tag browser – Browse through all your contacts tags
Flickr Toys – Badgemaker, Slideshow, Profile generator…all here
Flick Leechsearch all flickr contacts & their pics
Flickr Graph – get a graphical presentation of the pics

Backup flickr photosBackup all your fav pics

I would suggest to use firefox and get delighted with a brand
new experience…bcos firefox + flickr rocks !!! go to
userscripts portal and download thousands of scripts (you’ll
need Greasemonkey to be installed on firefox)
try all the above links and lemme know how you feel…

P.S: I intend to share valuable info to our community expecting
nothing in return so please don’t send me flowers, cheques or cash !!! 😉
a simple thanks would suffice !