Flickr Enhancement tools

For all you flickr fanatics out there – I’ve consolidated
some of the best photo enhancing tools available on the net…yea for free!!!
(Everyone loves this magic word)

Online editing tools:
Enhance your uploaded flickr photos by editing, cropping,
sharpening, color correction and more (you can even replace it with the new
edited one if you have a pro account)
Preloadr – Online Photo editor
PXN8 – Online Photo editor
FlickrInspector – get information of any flickr user on their tags, photo sets, favs & groups

More tools:
Flick photo search Draw sketches and get similar photos on flickr (worth
trying!) –
Tag browser – Browse through all your contacts tags
Flickr Toys – Badgemaker, Slideshow, Profile generator…all here
Flick Leechsearch all flickr contacts & their pics
Flickr Graph – get a graphical presentation of the pics

Backup flickr photosBackup all your fav pics

I would suggest to use firefox and get delighted with a brand
new experience…bcos firefox + flickr rocks !!! go to
userscripts portal and download thousands of scripts (you’ll
need Greasemonkey to be installed on firefox)
try all the above links and lemme know how you feel…

P.S: I intend to share valuable info to our community expecting
nothing in return so please don’t send me flowers, cheques or cash !!! 😉
a simple thanks would suffice !


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