Sue u Apple

Now this is scary !!
I’m not sure if this is true, but there are stories on the net that Apple has bought GO 92.5 FM (the only local station on radio arena where you get decent stuff for your ears !), the reason being they wanted to cut down english songs being streamed to the localites so that they can be deprived of quality stuff & shell out money to buy iPODs (innovative !?…not at all…sue you Apple !)
what’s even worse is that this ‘pioneering’ idea seems to have worked for Apple, sale of iPODs have actually increased…I had immense respect for Apple’s strategy when it came to marketing their products, but with this gesture all respect has gone down the gutters ‘n guess what Mumbai gutters are really filthy !!

so anyone of the unlucky Mumbai Morons out there who just’ve spent money to buy Apple’s ‘cult gizmo’ because u cudn’t find high quality music of your choice…u know whom to blame !


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