Google it…

Its official now, Merriam-Webster
has added the term “google” to the latest version of its Collegiate
Dictionary…we all been using google to search from various sites, music, photos,
terms, news, even ego search..

Google has a come a real long way, famous for its
simplicity, extensive database with lightning speed results…I’ve been a google
addict all my life & have been googling (I can use it, as its official now)
for almost anything to everything.

Nothing beats Google when it comes to search engine not even
yahoo, msn or askjeeves.


History Trivia
-Google was started by two Stanford
University nerds Sergey
Brin & Larry Page who just wanted the vast information on internet accessible by everyone, both
were highly intellectual who came from different perspectives & with
divergent viewpoints but with a unique goal. They had the idea but now they
wanted a buyer who would buy it, first they approached Yahoo! founder David
Filo, he agreed that the technology was great and advised them to start their
own search engine company. They were in desperate need of some pocket money to
pay their credit bills & decided to share their technology to Andy
Bechtolsheim (founder of Sun Microsystems) he analyzed the potential of the
project & agreed to buy it and thats when he made a cheque of $100,000 in
the name of Google Inc, The name “Google” originated from a
misspelling of “googol, “which refers to 10^100 [a 1 followed by
one-hundred zeros]..then as we all know history was created.

Now Google Inc is worth around $8 billion and with more than 7000 employees. It has
come out of the search engine genre and exploring new paradigms with numerable services

Here are few tips on how to use google in an effective way –

…truly Google has come a real long way & would reach
out to millions more.

So wanna google ?