Bikers’ day out

plans…plans..plans…thts what’s been happening for a long time, but finally we just made it, six old buddies [Rexy (doood), Petes (the elephant), Saj (laugh machine), Vivs (nomad), Jinga (the moron) & me (no comments)] finally met after a year to relive our old moments in the good ol’ way…

We were now ‘hard working’ ppl realizing the hardships the hard way!

So a Saturday morning got a call in the morning from Petes “hey what’s your plans for today ?””nothin !” was my reply”gr8, let’s hit the road…I’ll get Saj & Rexy..u manage the others”…”wokay” I said.

So met @ 1500 hrs @ Saj’s den where Rexy was already in deep slumber (from the last night’s ‘hard work’) Vivs & Petes joined in soon & we headed straight to Jinga’s office (where he is supposed to be working..but never did so far) We picked him from Vile Parle & took the highway towards Bandra Reclamation (BR) with cool breeze flowing & the gentle rain drops driving us to ecstasy…Pure Exhilaration!!!

BR is unique in its own way, more like the Marine drive of suburbs, we sat there for half an hour discussing about world peace and our contributions towards it (you’ll be zany enough to believe that).

From BR we headed to IMAX theater to watch ‘Golmaal’ (hey…we had no options and secondly our lives have been through series of ‘golmaals’) the movie was ok, we hardly watched it, most of the time we were troubling others by making strange voices & stranger comments, some of us also watched half of the movie with their helmets on.


After the movie we headed to Rexy’s place for the final ritual….dinner!!!

Rexy’s place has been the adda for all our gatherings, the place has witnessed all the pranks, funs & parties…roof & the walls are still intact (pun intended)

We ordered Chicken lollipops, biryanis & Chinese rice from a nearby restaurant (one of the best in cuisines in our locality)

Finally some stayed there for the rest of the night & I headed home for a good night’s sleep

..Aaaah !!! a day well spent.