India…talented but not skilled

We Indians tend to boast (rightfully!) about our infinitesimal source of intellectual talents in the world, but somehow I was shocked to know that Google Inc. is finding difficulties in recruiting skilled personnels for their projects…hmm…well, to some extent I do agree to this, we are a huge talented (diversed) lot of capable populace but unfortunately w/o apt skills set to perform & excel in our domains, reasons for this being –
no proper exposure to latest technology,
no steady infrastructure,
no distinct road map,
selfish attitude,
no proper government aid, most of the educational ‘n technological funds end up in politicans’ deep (real deeeep) pockets (dirty politics!)
its sad, in spite being the 2nd highest populated country (1.1 billion and still counting…) literacy rate of ~60% of we are still lagging behind even with our Asian counterparts, leave alone the world.

Sometimes you wonder how long it will take to see our motherland to be one of the best in world by all terms (except population, pollution ‘n corruption…paradoxically we already are!)

Hopefully my grandchildren will be born in a great ‘n advanced country called India & I’ll be narrating them stories of the efforts put in by us in making it happen…
what say ?


what a wonderful day…

It’s been a wonderful day, finally sun shines on Bombay after incessant
rains slashing continuously for a week (I don’t like rains as such…especially
when I’m out)
I love autumn a lot, it gives a crisp feeling to see
greenery (not much in Bombay
though!) all around you and the sun gallantly shining on you….aaah.. these are
the days when you feel like taking a break and visiting mountain peaks or a
secluded beach with your friend(s) & have fun…tht too loads of it.
Dussera & Diwali is just round the corner and I’m all
excited for it, maybe have a break (if fate favours) and go down south to Ooty
or the good ‘ol Kerala.
Interestingly in spite being a mallu I’m yet to see more than half of ‘God’s own land’…sad!

Kerala is really unique…that is the place where u get closer
to nature & nearer to God through his creations.
The beaches, trees, birds, people, rivers, paddy lands…I can
go on like this…its truly a paradise & if you are a keen photographer &
an avid nature lover then nothing like it…


..till then I’ll continue what I do best…dream !!!