Men @ Work

We often crib & complain of the various issues & problems in our lives & fail to see the brighter & better part.These are men who work from dawn to dusk to get a decent meal for their family, tough men on even tougher work, yet with a never dying attitude..its so depressing to see a kid trying hard to catch a few winks in the scorching heat, probably with an empty stomach & an uncertain future.

hope to see a world without sadness ‘n poverty,

hope to see a world with joy ‘n glory,

hope to see a world free of misery & loneliness,

hope to see a world full of love,

…and hope to see my wishes to be true.

I don’t want to die & go to heaven, I want to live and make this world a heaven…


I’m back

back with a bang, but this time in a new image…more crap, more useless stuff 'n the same ol' me…

Mumbai Bloggers Meet

As I’d promised I did get my butt to the meet-up & being indolent enough I’m the last one to write ‘bout it, well to start the chronicle – I wanted to reach TGIF, Infiniti mall on time, but somehow my inner laziness crept out & decided to catch a few winks before the meet as I was partying real hard the previous night & somehow reached there by 1700 hrs.for a ‘grand’ entry.

Riding on towards Andheri I was contemplating on the different reactions each one would have the moment they would see me…”OMG!..not another moron in our midst”….“this guy is weirder than he looks”…

When I reached there, the place was a bit dark but with a good ambience & found a center table & 8 to 10 people seated around. As any late latif would do I preferred keeping my ‘eccentric’ thoughts to myself & left others to wonder whether I’m stupid rather than open my mouth and remove all their doubts…

I couldn’t interact with many of them were far off, some 300 cms away, others were not in my line of sight & rest not audible. The two guys I interacted with were discussing on world peace, macroeconomics, aid for the mentally deprived & how Rajnikant can defy gravity..(just kiddin’) & soon enough I was guiding and advising them on future career prospects, which I’m pretty bad & left them in an uncertain state of imbroglio, ironically they seemed to have realize it (even worse!!!)

We came out of TGIF lighter with a big hole drilled into our pockets to have the second round of discussion, this time much more interesting (that’s what everyone expected & later got disappointed…hee…hee).

Under natural lights gals looked much more gorgeous & guys more weirder (Why God, why? such a disparity on beauty) nevertheless had more fun outside & felt better (’twas easy on the pockets & for the mind)

to sum it all up I would give 4 out of 5 on the fun meter & definitely lookin’ forward for the next one….

As Gabbar says –

kab hai next meet-up, kab hai ??

more excerpts here..

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Pepper Pad

wanna get one of these…
Paper Pad

….any sellers ?

chk for features

Knowledge is Power

Its been a long time I started with this book,yet to finish readin’ it…Yes I know I’m pathetic!! Posted by Picasa


Saturday, 1100 hrs, ideal room,nasty mosquito,bugged moron…bang !!!
dead nasty mosquito, happy moron 😀

1000 hits and still going strong

Its good to see that little counter (down there) cross 1000 visits,

at least I can be assured that “someone” actually is paying a visit (God knows, if he/she is reading this space too).

Secondly I’m surrounded with so called “close friends” who dedicatedly visit but I wonder what stops them from commenting to the posts, maybe they just wanna remain anonymous, but then what the heck sometimes nothing is better than nothing.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude; damn!!! I’m just incorporated with this one.

Mark Twain once told me that if you’re looking for friends when you need them…it’s too late. (I hope not late enough…)

Meanwhile I’ll be closely monitoring that counter…

V Day – D Day

Another Valentine’s day comes to a dull end, well it never was of any importance atleast for no regrets!!!
Somehow I don’t relate to this mushy love feelings around because never been in love before, but I do feel good to see couples together, hold hand in hand and share their most precious feelings, which shows that there is someone to care ’bout.
The very thought of being in love scares the shit outta me (never knew why and never bothered to..)
maybe love is too complex and composite for me, but one day I might unknowingly walk those unexplored territory with a beautiful, sensible, sensitive gal (hopefully), because love happens and you never know (that’s what ‘love birds’ tell me)
After all I’m just a normal guy in search of a normal gorgeous, smart, sensitive, lovely, cute normal gal…(heehe)
till then I enjoy being me and love my freedom.

License to thrill ?

Finally I decided to get my things going, had to issue my driving license, so took a small break from office and hurried up to the RTO office and as usual had to wait (real long) for my turn to come up.

Waited anxiously for 3 hours for the test and came out passed without even sitting in the car, some things are better kept unexplained, all the officials from top to bottom are corrupt, in some case you don’t even have to be present physically, you can have your license delivered right at your door-step..

so right now waiting patiently for my license and then to lay my hands on all the cars I can access.

REUTERS Showcase

Pretty impresive photos of 2005 by Reuters –

REUTERS Showcase


juggling projects,assignments, studies all at the same time,
failing miserably in all,
running like a mad man from pillar to post,
going through all the known & unknown emotions,
high on exam fever,
X’mas celebrations gone for a toss,
need a break desperately,
will have a blast on New Year.
…counting my days of despair.

Quote unquote

Since many great people are known by their thoughts and quotes,I thought why not publish mine and feel “great”
so here goes some of my quotes – (believe ’em at your own risk)

I exist,hence I blog

50% of what I mean people don’t understand & the other 50% I don’t understand

I’ve got a strong sixth sense,in fact that’s all I got

Some people are born lucky & others are like me.

I was cute when I was a kid,damn nothing has changed yet

Live & let die

I was born smart and prefer being that way

Work hard, play harder

If things keep going wrong for a long time,probably you are heading the wrong direction.

– Selvin 2005 ©

Passing thought

Its easy to go downhill than uphill, but the view from the top is better.

Go Live !!!

checked out

At last the MS guys have come up with something fascinating

The site has a simple layout and pretty decent features

Where you can add feeds from mail, news, entertainment, fashion, sports, health, and more

You can even add your own link…

You can customize your homepage that too without logging in….damn good!!!

My verdict: simply superb

Score: 4 out of 5

selvin googled

Who is Selvin ?
& this is what I found in Googlism
read on and enjoy–

Googlism for: selvin

selvin is in good hands at goodkids
selvin is like hodges mitchell
selvin is president of the board of trustees of the watershed center for ceramic arts
selvin is this year’s guest curator
selvin is one of these rare individuals
selvin is ahead of where we thought he’d be
selvin is a developer and practitioner of collaborative analysis and design approaches
selvin is currently senior member of technical staff at bell atlantic network systems advanced technology in white plains
selvin is a small but active community
selvin is an associate in the firm’s tax
selvin is an assistant elementary school principal and a certified teacher for grades one through eight
selvin is now broadcasting through station wfbh and is doing his own announcing
selvin is a partner in the century city office
selvin is a partner
selvin is selling coconut
selvin is the mind behind http
selvin is senior member of technical staff at the network systems advanced technology division of bell atlantic corporation
selvin is orkestleider/violist in new york
selvin is interested in the arrangement of objects
selvin is chief executive officer of planetout partners
selvin is running in rural east
selvin is unwilling to confess that he has never heard of pisistratus
selvin is driving his 1969 pontiac firebird and my youngest child ryan is tossing candy to the throngs
selvin is a technology transfer agent
selvin is a partner and patrick gunn is an associate in the firm of loeb & loeb llp in los angeles
selvin is an editorial writer for the los angeles times
selvin is a california labor historian whose book
selvin is credited on the following cds
selvin is just chillin’ in the back of the room holding his two whoppers that i forgot to buy him last time
selvin is an associate at the tax and estate planning practice of cole
selvin is a postdoctoral researcher in biophysics at uc berkeley
selvin is the mind behind adultxmodels
selvin is unafraid to lavish praise where praise is due or point out weaknesses that he
selvin is a recognized expert at developing online communities
selvin is the ceo of online partners and the gay
selvin is next to her
selvin is right
selvin is a true player
selvin is bound to
selvin is a close friend of mine
selvin is truly marvelous
selvin is a great reporter and a great writer who was on the scene and knows this story better than anybody
selvin is a times editorial writer
selvin is god

Now tell me, who are you ?? 😉

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